Frequently Asked Questions

Is the entire line�organic and sulfate free?
Yes, our products are all created and produced in Italy, made with all-natural ingredients, including�plant extracts of squash, raspberry, pomegranate, aloe, marigold and blueberry, in synergy with vegetable oils, with emollients including shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter.�

How can I purchase products online?
All online purchases will be made through Paypal, once you receive your Paypal confirmation purchases we will ship within 3 to 5�business days via USPS.

Is Olive Oil good for my hair?
The answer is absolutely, especially if you struggle with frizziness and dryness! The Olive Oil & Lavender shampoo and conditioner will moisturize your hair restoring its health glow and youthfulness! Your hair will be deeply nourished and soft, while gaining volume and shine!

Why doesn't the Hydrate Shampoo foam and suds when I first wash my hair?
Because all our shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates and parabens. At first you will not experience the foaming action during shampooing that you would find in other products. Shampoo once and then the second time the shampoo will be begin to foam and create suds like you are used to.

Can I use the anti-aging cream as a makeup primer?
Yes, you can! This deeply hydrating cream is a great smooth base to apply for your makeup routine! Keep your face moisturized all day with the infusion of olive and grape seed oil.

What is Olive Oil doing for my skin?
The benefits of olive oil are numerous and evident! Olive Oil is reparative: fighting against past skin damage and creating healed skin for the future. Experience softer skin while it moisturizes, smoothes and softens. Plus fight wrinkles with its powerful anti-aging properties.

Does the line have anything to exfoliate my dry skin?
Yes, we have three exfoliating body scrubs available in luxury scents: orange, lavender and talcum. Each are infused with plant-based materials and exfoliating micro-spheres that will leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Continue the hydration by using the partnering body butters.

Are the shampoos and conditioners available in travel size?
Yes. You can purchase both of the lines in travel size bottles with convenient pump tops.